The Millenial Money Fix

Book description

Make no mistake—Millennials matter. They are no longer those darn kids, mere children of the rainmakers and game changers. With Baby Boomers entering retirement, they aren’t even kids at all. Their ability to pursue their dreams will drive our economy, and their inability to do so could destroy it. In other words, if Millennials have a problem, then everyone has a problem.

The Millennial Money Fix first examines the complex challenges facing this generation, targeting their lack of financial education in school and at home, the rising cost of education and resultant student loan debt, and the career-crushing labor environment.

With candor and humor, it guides you through a lifetime of important concepts, including:

  • Identifying honest and realistic goals.

  • Selecting and paying for a college or graduate program.

  • Mastering cash flow to jumpstart your life.

  • Navigating the job landscape to do what you love.

  • Planning for marriage, babies, and all that gushy stuff.

  • Redefining retirement as your ability to do what you want.

  • The Millennial Money Fix is about learning the reasons for your financial problems and the mechanics of your solutions, for yourself and those to come.

    Product information

    • Title: The Millenial Money Fix
    • Author(s): Boneparth Douglas A, Boneparth Heather J
    • Release date: August 2017
    • Publisher(s): Career Press
    • ISBN: 9781632651044