How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success

Imagine your brain is a computer memory stick. When you were born, it was blank. You didn't know anything at all. Everything had to be learned. As a child you were taught how to read and write, and how to know right from wrong.

Any new information you learned was stored in your brain, just like when information is written onto a memory stick. Every time a teacher or parent gave you a positive or negative comment, it was stored on your internal memory stick. The problem with the human brain is that it stores both positive and negative information, and there is no delete. Any negative comments stored as a child may still affect you today.

Here are some examples of negative comments teachers or parents may have said:

“You never do anything right.”
“You're always so clumsy.”
“You'll never learn anything.”
“You're stupid.”
“You'll never be as good/nice/clever as your brother/sister.”
“You're always lying, making mistakes, getting it wrong.”

Do any of these negative comments sound familiar? Negative comments like these are all stored on your personal memory stick, otherwise known as your subconscious mind. Comments, together with any negative childhood experiences, are all stored in our subconscious.

What these negative experiences and comments create is fear. Most of us are held back by fear, in one way or another. We're scared of having another negative experience or comment, so we don't try anything new.

The fear that comes from our childhood ...

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