Your Worst Enemy and Your Best Friend

I'd like to introduce you to two people you've known all of your life. They are your worst enemy and your best friend. Who are they? You. These two people live inside your head. They're with you every day, 24 hours a day, and will be with you for the rest of your life. You may think the opinions of your friends and family count, but they are nothing compared to the two people you spend all day with.

You need to make sure your best friend is much bigger and stronger than your worst enemy. Your worst enemy will never die. He or she will always be there, ready to come and see you, especially if you are going through a low point. However, if you help your best friend develop and grow, you will find he or she becomes your companion much more of the time, and you'll hear from your worst enemy less often.

Developing Your Best Friend

Your best friend wants you to be happy. He or she likes it when you get something right, achieve success, or learn new information. Your best friend likes to hear positive thoughts, stories, and music. Your best friend also likes to smile and laugh out loud when you do.

To keep your best friend strong, you need to treat him or her well, and in return you will see this friend more often. Your best friend knows that things don't always go right, but also that any problem, challenge, or setback is only temporary and can be overcome.

You must feed and water your best friend. Give your best friend happy music, positive thoughts, ...

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