Getting It Done Now

When you see an early warning sign, act quickly. Don't put off taking action. The simplest tool for getting things done is a to-do list. Write down your daily or weekly tasks, and don't stop until they're done.

Putting things off is one of the main reasons why some people don't get anywhere. Be someone who takes action. You can waste your time thinking of a hundred reasons why not to do something, but a far better use of energy is to work out how you can do it.

A winner will find ways to get things done. A loser will find ways to put things off. I have come across people who put more effort into working out why they can't do something than it would have taken to get the thing done. What a waste of energy!

Here are some of the common excuses people give for not getting something done:

1. Lack of Time
This is probably the most common excuse given for not taking action. And it's not true. You can find time for anything, if you have the will. It amazes me how people find the time to watch their favorite TV program, yet somehow have no time to fix the leaking faucet or mow the lawn.
People also spend hours on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Are these really the most productive use of your time?
2. Feeling Overwhelmed
Some people have good intentions, but try to do lots at once and end up doing nothing. They write long daily to-do lists that can never be completed in one day, and end up feeling overwhelmed. The key is to break large tasks into smaller ...

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