Increase Your Income Right Now

Running your own business is the key to money, freedom, and happiness, but successful businesses don't happen overnight. If you're employed, I'd suggest remaining so while you set up your business. However, you can still try to increase your current income, right now, in your current job. Let me tell you how.

Asking for a Pay Raise

The quality and quantity of the service you render, plus the attitude with which you render it, determine the amount of pay you get and the sort of job you hold.
—Dr. Napoleon Hill

Be honest with yourself. How much money do you deserve in your current job? Look at your own work, your attendance, and your contributions. Are you putting 65 minutes into an hour, or just coasting by? How much money are you making for your organization?

Imagine you're the CEO of your company. Would you be happy and delighted with your performance and service?

If you're not giving your job 110 percent, then I'm afraid you don't deserve a pay raise. If you do no more than what you're paid to do, you have no basis for requesting more money. You're already getting all you deserve. You need to deliver extra benefits before you can ask for extra pay.

Some people might say a pay raise would make them work harder, but it doesn't work like that. You have to put in the work first, before you receive the rewards.

If you strongly believe you have an excellent case for a pay raise, then go ahead and challenge your employer for a higher salary.

If ...

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