Starting Your Own Business

If you have a day job, you'll need a business that is flexible and can be run after hours, from home, on a small budget. However, this doesn't mean thinking small. You want a business that can grow and expand with your needs and aspirations.

Most businesses are doomed to fail because they need staff, premises, a large initial outlay, face-to-face customer contact, and professional licenses or qualifications.

However, I'll teach you how to start a business with none of these things.

Staff? You can do everything yourself, or outsource to freelance contractors.

Premises? Thanks to the Internet and the fact you can rent call answering services at low cost, you can be open 24 hours a day. You can genuinely make money while you're sleeping.

Huge outlay? My model requires no franchise, stock, or furniture. Your outlay will be tiny and highly affordable.

Face-to-face customer contact? My business model means never dealing with anyone face to face. You may like meeting customers, but it's far more productive not to.

Professional qualifications and red tape? My model allows you to work from home, without red tape, or health and safety requirements.

The traditional business/retail model that requires premises and huge outlay is becoming extinct. I'm going to teach you about mail-order/Internet commerce, which is a business model that is going from strength to strength. Here's why.

1. People are more comfortable than ever before about buying online or over the ...

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