2imgMaking an Immediate and Direct Impact on the Bottom Line

Watching people at Bristol airport in the United Kingdom (UK), everything would have likely appeared normal to you on this day in November 2014. You would have likely seen people rushing to make flights. You would have likely seen people getting impatient as they awaited the arrival of their luggage to the baggage claim conveyor. And you would have likely seen people leaving the baggage claim area to catch a taxi, or perhaps a bus.

It's when you watched the people lining up to catch the bus that you would have discovered your first clues that something very different would be happening that day.

At one of the stops, you would have seen a bench on which to wait. The bench was quite typical. It was made of metal of various shades of gray. However, right next to the bench, you would have seen a white porcelain toilet, which apparently was also meant to serve as a place to rest while you waited. Although newspapers were not provided, you would have been welcome to sit down and read one that you already had. In fact, one man did exactly that.

A few minutes later, that man's bus approached. From the front, the bus looked a little modern but otherwise fairly normal. Upon closer inspection, though, you would have noticed white flowers and the word Bio-Bus printed in white letters just below the windshield, both of which stood out ...

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