Good networker. Politically devious and untrustworthy.
Honest and reliable. I can find no meaningful strengths in this person.
High achiever. Puts self ahead of anything or anyone else.
Empathetic. Likes hugging people and trees; expect neither action nor
Mature. Past it, low energy levels.
Expert. Anorak who will bore you to tears, cannot manage and lives in a silo.
Strong values. Opinionated, fully signed up member of the awkward squad.
Outstanding leader. ‘My way or no way person who does not like working
for others.
Diligent. Boring plodder who stays in the box
Action oriented. Shoots first, thinks second; dangerous liability.
Strong track record of success. Good at telling fairy stories; likes to steal
the credit.
All of this confirms what most job seekers fear: you can’t win. Whatever you say
or do will be taken down as evidence and will be used against you. But at least
if you know how your cynical interviewer will twist everything against you, you
will be better prepared for the ritual humiliation of the interview process
manage your ProfIle
Mark Othello’s words well: ‘Reputation, reputation, reputation! Oh, I have lost my
reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial.
Reputation is everything. And this is where you discover that you have three
lives with three different reputations:
your self-image and the reputation you think you deserve
your reputation as colleagues perceive it (claim to fame and style)
your reputation as captured by technology.
More or less invariably, our own view or our reputation is better than our other
two sorts of reputation. But it is our reputation as seen by colleagues and
captured by technology which counts: our self-image is important, but only
to ourselves.

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