These qualities add up to a person who is pretty driven. Leaders are often not
comfortable people to be with. Not surprisingly, many people prefer to keep
their humanity and their life than make the sacrifices to get to the top.
When I first started out, my boss told me: ‘One of the benefits of this job is
that you will never suffer the rush hour. You will arrive before it and leave after it.
And if you keep that lifestyle going for 10–20 years, you can reach the top. It was
not a good choice, but at least it was a clear choice.
Choose well, and whatever your journey, enjoy it.
8 Be able to deal with the strops: be they stroppy receptionists, clients or staff,
while being positive and constructive all the time.
9 Learn to be unreasonable in setting goals and not accepting excuses: know
how to stretch people to overachieve.
10 Have endless self-confidence and resilience, especially when disaster looms
and everyone else is running around like a headless chicken: take responsibility, take
control, take action and move to the solution.

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