CHAPTER 14The Future of Bank Treasury and Balance Sheet Risk Management

“I was thinking about how [UK prime minister] David Cameron had been saying in the media that he was a fan of The Smiths…I picked up my phone and typed, “David Cameron, stop saying you like The Smiths, no you don't. I forbid you to like them.” … There was the inevitable reaction from some scathing types, like… “I bet Johnny Marr wouldn't give back the £10 David Cameron spent on buying The Queen Is Dead.” I was amazed. Anyone who didn't see any humour in the situation had to be a bit stupid, and anyone who seriously thought that David Cameron had actually bought The Queen Is Dead had to be very stupid indeed.”

—Johnny Marr, Set the Boy Free: The Autobiography, Century, 2016

“The whole thing with David Cameron saying ‘Eton Rifles' was one of his favourite songs… I just think, ‘Which bit didn't you get?'”

—Paul Weller, MOJO magazine, 23 April 2015

Part III could be described as the “heart” of this book, with its focus on the balance sheet, the art of asset–liability management (ALM), and liquidity risk in particular. The reader will have noted some of the previous book extracts date from some time ago – the manuscript for Bank Asset and Liability Management (BALM) was completed in 2006, for example – but they are still relevant, more so than ever as the events of 2008 demonstrated. Having a mantra of “take care of the balance sheet” and maintaining a conservative approach to both asset origination and ...

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