The Most Powerful Brand On Earth: How to Transform Teams, Empower Employees, Integrate Partners, and Mobilize Customers to Beat the Competition in Digital and Social Media

Book description

Brands that thrive and profit from employee and customer empowerment generate significantly greater awareness and revenues, while also decreasing the costs of marketing, selling, and customer service. However, employees must engage in public, real-time conversations. And most people are not professional communicators.

Achieving those outcomes requires new skills, business processes, governance, measurement, and infrastructure. In addition, leaders must learn new ways of managing risk, while helping employees build and manage external relationships in real time. Now, in The Most Powerful Brand on Earth, social business pioneers Chris Boudreaux and Susan Emerick help you successfully manage all these changes. Drawing on their experience leading social media transformations at IBM and other top companies, they present frameworks and case studies from key innovators that show how to

-Leverage the surprising dynamics of online influence

-Plan, execute, and manage the development of key relationships

-Measure outcomes and performance in effective and useful ways

-Resolve crucial security, privacy, and regulatory issues that arise when others represent you online

-Gain crucial support from leaders, participants, and other stakeholders

-Empower the people and teams you attract, hire, and support

-Navigate cultural and process changes that will make or break your program

-Preview trends that will shape your social empowerment programs in coming years

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Praise for The Most Powerful Brand on Earth
  5. Dedication Page
  6. Contents
  7. Preface
    1. How This Book Is Organized
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. About the Authors
    1. Connecting with the Authors
  10. 1. Web of Trust: The Case for the Social Work Force
    1. The Source of Brand Power Today
    2. Your Brand’s Official Communicators Cannot Do It Alone
    3. Your Next Steps
  11. 2. Help Your People Do Well
    1. Why You Must Help Your People
    2. How to Help Your Social Employees
    3. How Social Brands Tend to Evolve
    4. Your Next Steps
  12. 3. Influence: It’s Complicated
    1. The Nature of Online Influence Is Often Misunderstood
    2. How Social Employees Empower Brands
    3. Your Next Steps
  13. 4. The Power to Sway: Helping Employees Build Advocacy Online
    1. Permission Is Not Enough
    2. Prepare
    3. Perform
    4. Your Next Steps
  14. 5. You Will Measure New Things in New Ways
    1. How to Begin Measuring
    2. Outcomes: Measuring Business Impact
    3. Summary
    4. Your Next Steps
  15. 6. Safety and Security
    1. Protecting Information and Privacy
    2. Complying with Disclosure Requirements
    3. Preventing Competitive Poaching
    4. Your Next Steps
  16. 7. How to Begin
    1. The Business Case
    2. Get Some Seed Money: Selling to Internal Stakeholders
    3. Leverage Early Adopters
    4. Build a Pilot
    5. Case Study: The IBM Select Social Eminence Program
    6. Your Next Steps
  17. 8. Build Your Team
    1. Program Leadership
    2. Program Team
    3. Program Participants
    4. Extended Team
    5. Business Unit Leaders and Functional Leaders
    6. PR or Corporate Communications
    7. Human Resources
    8. External Influencers
    9. Information Technology
    10. Time Commitments
    11. Your Next Steps
  18. 9. Manage the Journey
    1. Culture and Change Management Will Make or Break Your Program
    2. Learning from the Past
    3. Change Management Is New to Many Leaders
    4. An Approach for Managing the Journey
    5. Program Level
    6. Be the Change You Wish to See
    7. Your Next Steps
  19. 10. The Future of the Social Work Force
    1. People Will Change
    2. Technology Will Change
    3. Increasing Automation
    4. Organizations Will Change
    5. Results for Workers and Leaders
    6. Your Next Steps
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Most Powerful Brand On Earth: How to Transform Teams, Empower Employees, Integrate Partners, and Mobilize Customers to Beat the Competition in Digital and Social Media
  • Author(s): Chris Boudreaux, Susan F. Emerick
  • Release date: August 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780133115772