By the time Shay made it back to his office, his cell phone was ringing. It was Dani calling about dinner.

“Hey, the boys are sleeping over at friends’ houses tonight.”

“All of them?”

“Yeah. Let’s go on a date.”

“Okay, you say where and when, and I’ll be there.”

“I want Maria’s,” Dani declared. “I haven’t been there in months.”

“Ooh. I went there for lunch.”

Dani begged. “Oh, can’t you go again? You can get something different. Please.”

“Okay, but you’re buying.”

“Deal. See you at five-thirty?” Then she caught herself. “Oh, how was your day with Liam Alcott?” She exaggerated his name and added a slight English accent to it.

“I’ll tell you at dinner. Five-thirty.”

Dani was already seated at the restaurant when Shay arrived. She ...

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