Chapter 8img Aiki: Unity

I was 16 years old and driving my parents' car when I stopped at a red light. Suddenly, I noticed a guy driving up a one-way street the wrong way, perpendicular to me. He started to inch out into the intersection and actually tapped my parents' car!

I started yelling at him. He yelled at me. Pretty soon we were both out of our cars, shouting in the middle of the street. Then he pushed me, and I pushed back.

I had been taking karate lessons for a few years. If I had remembered my karate training, I would not have let it escalate to the point of a physical fight. This guy was much bigger than me. I had no chance of winning using force against force, and winning pointless fights was not the purpose of my training anyway. But in the heat of the moment all I remembered were the karate kicks and punches I could land on this guy.

I did the stupidest thing I could have done. Just like you see in the movies, I did a supercool rear spinning back kick! Except unlike the movies, instead of this guy flying backward ...

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