2Planning Your Consulting Future

In this chapter you will

  • Explore your preferred future
  • Determine whether consulting will lead you to your professional and personal life goals
  • Identify personal, professional, and financial considerations to ensure a quick start
  • Identify the changes you will need to make
  • Create a personal expense plan

Your Preferred Future

Why do you wish to become a consultant? What is it about consulting that appeals to you? How will consulting lead you to your preferred future? The reason to become a consultant is because you want to, and the first step is to explore why. Why do you want to become a consultant? How do you believe consulting will lead you to your preferred future? You are about to make a big decision—becoming an entrepreneur. It is usually difficult to separate entrepreneurs from their businesses; therefore, a plan for your consulting business should begin with a plan for you and your life. We touched on this in Chapter One. Now let’s continue by describing your preferred future.

Describe Your Ideal Day

I remember working through this exercise more than 30 years ago in a two-week career exploration workshop. My description went something like this: “I awaken naturally to the sound of the surf and smell of the early morning ocean breeze. I sip a cup of gourmet coffee on the deck for half an hour as I skim the morning paper. As inspiration overwhelms me, I move to my desk that overlooks the ocean to continue writing my latest novel. I ...

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