Chapter 3

The search results page

When you conduct a search on eBay, the products returned to you appear on what is called the search results page. eBay’s default search algorithm is known as Best match, but before we get into what Best match is and how it works, let’s spend some time familiarising ourselves with the search results page (see figure 3.1).

Navigate the search results page

The eBay logo, search bar and top right links remain the same on every eBay page. Beneath your entered keyword(s) (in this example, ‘dress’) you will see a list of related searches as suggested by eBay. Clicking on any of these links will take you to a search results page for your keyword(s).

Staying in the grey area of the page, towards the left are the various search refinement filters (as covered in chapter 2). These filters change depending on the category or type of product you are looking at. On the right of the greyed area under the heading ‘Popular on eBay’ are some paid advertisements from eBay sellers or for third-party companies.

In the white area in the centre of the page are the actual search results. For example, if I search for ‘dress’, at the top of the page I am told there are 147 active listings that match my search refinements, and next to it there are two links: one for Sold listings (clicking this link will show me all items that have recently sold) and one for Completed listings (clicking on this link will show me both sold and unsold and completed recent listings).

To ...

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