Chapter 12

Listing an item for sale

There are four different ways to list an item for sale on eBay. Two different forms can be used via the website, and you can also list items from your iPhone or iPad. In this chapter, we’ll cover examples for listing on eBay Australia with an option to send your products to international destinations. Another option, though, is to go directly to a foreign eBay site and list directly. This will mean your product appears on that site in the local currency, which can be particularly beneficial if you have a product likely to be popular in another country. To list on a foreign site, the steps will be similar to those outlined in this chapter and you simply need to log onto the relevant site directly (a list of all eBay sites can be found at the bottom of the eBay homepage).

Before we begin, as every great listing requires a great product photograph, let’s start by covering a few photo-taking tips to help with your selling success.

Take great photos of your products

Some eBay sites have recently made it mandatory to add a photo of the product you are selling. Listings without photographs tend not to attract buyers or, if they do, tend to be sold for very low prices. Always add the best quality image of what you’re selling to give buyers a visual and very clear summary of what is for sale. You can add more than one photo to your listing for no additional charge, so choose multiple angles. If there are flaws to the product, take close-ups to set ...

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