Planning your profitable eBay business (Advanced selling part I)

Questions answered in this part

Chapter 19: The foundations of a profitable business

• How do the four Ps of retail apply to my eBay business?

• How should I think of my eBay business as a distinct entity?

Chapter 20: Researching products, competitors and customers

• How do I research my industry or category?

• How can I research eBay sales?

• What do I need to know about my prospective customers?

Chapter 21: Sourcing products to sell

• How do I know if a product is right to sell on eBay?

• What are the different ways of sourcing products to sell?

• What do I need to consider for expanding my product range?

Chapter 22: Budgeting for profit

• How do you define gross and net profit?

• How do you calculate profit margin?

• What costs are involved in running an eBay business?

Chapter 23: Setting up your business operations

• How do I register as a business?

• How do I register a business name?

• How should my office be organised?

• How should I organise my warehouse?

Chapter 24: Your eBay brand

• How do I make my brand consistent across eBay?

• How do I make my branding relevant?

• Do I need to have my brand professionally designed?

Chapter 25: Listing your products and managing inventory

• How do I create an effective product listing?

• How can I save time listing a large amount of inventory?

• What tools are available to help me manage my inventory on eBay?

• How do I access eBay’s API for bulk upload?

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