Chapter 31

Shipping and packaging

You could have the nicest looking eBay business in the world, with fantastic products that are very popular with buyers, but unless you get those products safely into the hands of your buyers you’ll be losing customers on a regular basis. More than this, however, the way you ship and package your products is the final part of the buyer experience, and one where you can separate your business from that of competitors. Packing items professionally and with your branding helps keep buyers happy. As this may be your final communication with the buyer, it is your last chance to make them loyal, frequent shoppers.

One of eBay’s largest sellers tells me that the business he is in is logistics. In other words, he sees his primary business function as getting a product from his supplier into the hands of his customer. If he does that, and does it well, then his business will be successful. Choosing the right shipping partner (or partners) is critical for both your profit margin and the overall success of your business. After all, if you’re not delivering the products yourself, you’re relying on a third party to complete the final, and most important, part of the transaction.

What buyers expect

Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing shipping and packaging options. Depending on the products you sell, some or all of the options may be appropriate for your eBay business.

Free shipping

As business owners, we all know there is no ...

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