The New Entrepreneurial Leader

Book description

In years past, the keywords for leaders were confidence, single-minded purpose, and strategic planning. But today's vastly complex, globalized, and fast-evolving world requires a different kind of leadership. This game-changing book details a new approach—entrepreneurial leadership—developed at Babson College, the number-one school for entrepreneurship in the world.
Entrepreneurial leadership is inspired by, but is separate from, entrepreneurship. It can be applied in any organizational situation, not just start-ups. Based on two years of extensive research, it embraces three principles that add up to a fundamentally new worldview of business and a new logic of decision making.
First, rapid change and increasing uncertainty require leaders to be “cognitively ambidextrous,” able to shift between traditional “prediction logic” (choosing actions based on analysis) and “creation logic” (taking action despite considerable unknowns). Guiding this different way of thinking and acting is a new view of business, where simultaneous creation of social, environmental, and economic value is the order of the day. Finally, entrepreneurial leaders leverage their understanding of themselves and their social context to guide effective action.
Each chapter offers concrete examples of how educators across all disciplines are integrating these ideas into their courses—and even their entire curricula. The New Entrepreneurial Leader lays out a comprehensive new paradigm for reinventing management education in order to mold leaders who will shape social and economic opportunity.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction Entrepreneurial Leadership: Shaping Social and Economic Opportunity
  8. Part I A New Way of Thinking and Acting: Developing Cognitive Ambidexterity
    1. Chapter 1 Cognitive Ambidexterity: The Underlying Mental Model of the Entrepreneurial Leader
    2. Chapter 2 Creation Logic in Innovation: From Action Learning to Expertise
    3. Chapter 3 Prediction Logic: Analytics for Entrepreneurial Thinking
  9. Part II A New Worldview: Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility and Sustainability
    1. Chapter 4 SEERS: Defining Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility and Sustainability
    2. Chapter 5 Beyond Green: Encouraging Students to Create a Simultaneity of Positive SEERS Outcomes
    3. Chapter 6 Sustainability Metrics: Has the Time Arrived for Accountants to Embrace SEERS Reporting?
    4. Chapter 7 The Financial Challenge: Reconciling Social and Environmental Value with Shareholder Value
  10. Part III Self- and Social Awareness to Guide Action
    1. Chapter 8 Who Am I? Learning from and Leveraging Self-Awareness
    2. Chapter 9 What Is the Context? Fostering Entrepreneurial Leaders’ Social Awareness
    3. Chapter 10 Whom Do I Know? Building and Engaging Social Networks Using Social Media Technology
  11. Part IV Management Educators as Entrepreneurial Leaders
    1. Chapter 11 A New Pedagogy for Teaching “Doing”: Preparing Entrepreneurial Leaders for Values-Driven Action
    2. Chapter 12 Curriculum-Wide Change: Leading Initiatives to Develop Entrepreneurial Leaders
  12. Acknowledgments
  13. Index
  14. About the Authors and Babson Faculty Contributors
  15. Footnotes
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    3. Chapter 6
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    4. Chapter 7
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    5. Chapter 8
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    6. Chapter 10
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Product information

  • Title: The New Entrepreneurial Leader
  • Author(s): Danna Greenberg, Kate McKone-Sweet, H. James Wilson
  • Release date: September 2011
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781609940331