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The New How [Paperback] by Nilofer Merchant

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Praise for The New How

“How are you going to get rid of your Air Sandwich if you don’t even know what it is? Provocative and practical at the same time.”

Seth Godin Author, Linchpin

“Collaboration is a powerful, competitive weapon: this book shows you how to use it to win markets.”

Mark Interrante VP Content Products, Yahoo!, Inc.

"The New How is a timely, thoughtful, and practical blueprint for corporate executives and group leaders to create highly effective and sustainably successful organizations. Innovatively and refreshingly, Nilofer Merchant points the way for achieving truly productive relationships among all levels in a company. We can all learn from this book; it’s also a great read.”

Rafael Pastor Chairman of the Board and CEO, Vistage International, Inc.

“Want to transform your organization into a collaborative enterprise? Nilofer Merchant provides insightful and practical strategies in The New How.”

Padmasree Warrior CTO, Cisco Systems, Inc.

“Whether you’re in middle management trying to connect your team to the strategy coming out of the C-suite, or you’re the exec tasked with coming up with a new vision, read Nilofer’s book first!”

Michael Plante Senior Director, Category Management and Marketing Strategy, Worldwide Consumer Marketing, Symantec Corporation

“In a world in which the pace of change is ever quickening, collaboration, not control, is the route to a successful organization. This book tells you how to make your organization collaborative. And Nilofer Merchant’s writing is a model of clarity.”

Barry Schwartz Author, The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less

"The New How is filled with insight, good sense, and wisdom that will be very helpful for a professional manager undertaking strategic planning. Nilofer has always made a difference with her presence. Now that presence has a new life in the written word that will transcend different boundaries.”

Andre L. Delbecq, D.B.A. J. Thomas and Katheen L. McCarthy University Professor, Department of Management, Leavey School of Business

"The New How is informative and provides exciting insights because the suggestions are practical and doable. Merchant gets the new reality—leadership fails not so much from flawed strategy as it does from failed processes of engagement from those responsible for implementing the strategy. In high-performing organizations, everyone acts like a leader, and they own the strategy and take actions to ensure its success. If you care about making a difference, read this book.”

Barry Posner Author, The Leadership Challenge

“Merchant’s book is a practical guide for the journey from strategy to implementation. The collaborative tools described here can help companies reach strategic success—and avoid pitfalls along the way.”

Tom Kelley General Manager, IDEO, and author, Ten Faces of Innovation

“Rubicon has always stood apart from other consulting firms because they engender true engagement across an organization. Adobe’s first of many engagements with Rubicon was to develop the Education segment go-to-market plan. Adobe’s Education market growth over the past decade is testimony to the value of a collaborative implementation of strategy, Merchant’s signature, and the foundation of The New How.”

Katie Keating VP, WW eCommerce and NA Channel Sales, Adobe Systems

"The New How puts into prose, and backs up with insight, the key thoughts to successful leadership—it’s all about people.”

Andy Novobilski, Ph.D. Dean, College of Sciences and Mathematics, Arkansas State University

“Nilofer Merchant reveals how to develop and deliver winning strategies by leveraging the creative power of your entire organization. You will learn how to transform strategy from a word to a way of being.”

Kathy Chill Senior Director, Business Development and Product Marketing, Citrix Online

“Most business books describe what leaders should do. Many explain why. The New How is unique in setting out a clear end-to-end process and framework for co-creating innovation and change in 21st-century organisations. It’s also well written, fun to read, and provides practical guidance on how to succeed.”

David Butter Senior Vice President, Eccpartnership

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