The New Hustle: Don't Work Harder, Just Work Better

Book description

How to get ahead at work and in life—and avoid burnout—by working efficiently, productively, and creatively

There are times that getting your hustle on the old-fashioned way can be rewarding: Burn a little midnight oil here, "rise and grind" on a special project there. But as a long-term strategy, the traditional 24/7 hustle isn't just unsustainable; it's ineffective: It measures effort rather than effect. Between what we've learned about the upending effect pandemic life has on our work lives and the ways "rise and grind" culture can lead to stress and burnout, we need to find smarter, more innovative ways to get ahead—without losing ourselves in the process.

In The New Hustle, lifelong entrepreneur and mother-of-six Emma Isaacs offers just that—a powerful, hands-on playbook that can help all of us, from entry-level workers top-level leaders, work at maximum efficiency with "radical flexibility." This flexibility is key to making difficult decisions more quickly and with more confidence, to saying "no" to things that don't matter, and ultimately working smarter and more effectively.

Isaacs offers specific, actionable tips for breaking out of the old way of work, so you can hit reset for yourself and the people around you and rediscover the scrappy, joyful mode that propels you to your best, most meaningful work.

Enlightening, energizing, inspiring and refreshingly real, The New Hustle will help you transform the way you work, get inspired, and reimagine your professional life to experience more creativity, more productivity, more fulfilment, and more fun.

Product information

  • Title: The New Hustle: Don't Work Harder, Just Work Better
  • Author(s): Emma Isaacs
  • Release date: August 2022
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9781264905751