Chapter 6. Embrace the Fuzzy Front End and Make It Work for You before You Start

Embrace the Fuzzy Front End and Make It Work for You before You Start

If you have already started your new role, still read this chapter. If you have yet to tackle the things presented in this chapter, start doing them immediately. Read on to find out where you need to catch up. Further, many of the ideas in this chapter are useful throughout and well beyond Day One and your first 100 days.

Many leaders fall into the trap of thinking that leadership begins on Day One of a new job. Like it or not, a new leader's role begins as soon as that person is an acknowledged candidate for the job. Everything new leaders do and say and don't do and don't say will send powerful signals, starting well before they even walk in the door on Day One.

If you embrace this concept and do something about it, you increase your chances of success. This one idea can make or break a new leader's transition. New leaders who miss the opportunity to get a head start before the start often discover later that organizational and/or market momentum was working against them even before they showed ...

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