The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan: How to Take Charge, Build Your Team, and Get Immediate Results, 3rd Edition

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The authoritative updated and revised action plan for leaders entering new roles

Your first 100 days in a new leadership role are critical to the success of your mission, your relationship with your new team, and your career. Turnover is high among new leaders who "didn't work out" and the costs to them and their organizations are dramatic. The solution is for every new leader to have an "onboarding" plan. This updated and revised third edition of the bestseller The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan delivers expert guidance to prepare executives for their new leadership roles, accelerate their results, and reduce turnover.

With new chapters and sample action plans, the third edition:

  • Helps you assess the internal political culture you'll be facing

  • Explains why your new job doesn't start on "Day 1" but on the day you accept the offer--and how to use the valuable time before "Day 1"

  • Explains the "BRAVE" approach to motivating your new team members by understanding their Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, and Environment

  • Includes downloadable forms to help you plan

  • Provides advice for your bosses—so they'll know how to help you succeed

The third edition also includes a new 100-Hour Action Plan for crisis situations, which has been adopted by the American Red Cross. The new edition also explains how to use social media and other communication tools to reach and motivate your stakeholders.

Discover the right approach for your new role and engage your new colleagues by fully understanding the unwritten rules of the new context. The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan helps deliver better results faster.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
    1. Key Benefits
  7. INTRODUCTION: An Executive Summary of the Onboarding Process
    1. CHAPTER 1: Position Yourself for a New Role
    2. CHAPTER 2: Sell before You Buy
      1. Thing 1
      2. Thing 2
      3. Thing 3
      4. Be “On” at All Times When Being Considered for a Promotion from Within
      5. Negotiate for Success
      6. Negotiating Worksheet
      7. Make a Plan
      8. For You
      9. For Them
      10. Sell Before You Buy: Summary and Implications
    1. CHAPTER 3: Map and Avoid the Most Common Land Mines
      1. The Deadly Seven
      2. Land Mine 1: Organization
      3. Land Mine 2: Role
      4. Land Mine 3: Personal
      5. Land Mine 4: Relationship
      6. Land Mine 5: Learning
      7. Land Mine 6: Delivery
      8. Land Mine 7: Adjustment
      9. Map and Avoid the Most Common Land Mines: Summary and Implications
    2. CHAPTER 4: Do Your Due Diligence before You Accept the Job Offer
    1. CHAPTER 5: Choose the Right Approach for the Business Context and the Culture You Face
      1. Business Environment
      2. The 5Cs
      3. Organizational History
      4. Recent Business Performance
      5. Cultural Readiness for Change
      6. Political Advice for a New Leader: Strategies for Winning Hearts and Minds, and Dealing with Feet-Draggers and the Openly Hostile
      7. Shocking the System
      8. Choose the Right Approach for the Business Context and Culture You Face: Summary and Implications
    2. CHAPTER 6: Embrace and Leverage the Fuzzy Front End before Day One
    3. CHAPTER 7: Take Control of Day One
      1. What Are You Going to Do on Day One?
      2. Make Careful Choices about Your Day One Plan
      3. Don't Reinvent the Wheel: Start with Our Prototypical Agenda
      4. Leverage Your Agenda as a Symbol of What's Important
      5. Choose Location, Signs, and Symbols with Care: People Will Notice
      6. Understand the Culture
      7. Don't Necessarily Go to Where Your Boss Is
      8. Leverage Your Message on Day One
      9. Be Present
      10. Be Mindful of the Unintended Consequences
      11. Dress to Fit In
      12. What Not to Do on Day One
      13. Day One: Summary and Implications
    4. CHAPTER 8: Motivate and Focus Your Team with Ongoing Communications (Including Social Media)
    1. CHAPTER 9: Embed a Burning Imperative by Day 30
      1. Creating the Burning Imperative
      2. Don't Hesitate to Burn Rubber on the Way to a Burning Imperative
      3. Burning Imperative
      4. Make It Happen
      5. Workshop Attendance and Timing
      6. Follow Through Consistently
      7. Burning Imperative: Summary and Implications
    2. CHAPTER 10: Exploit Key Milestones to Drive Team Performance by Day 45
      1. Follow Through—Or Don't Even Start
      2. Milestones Are Checkpoints along the Way to a Defined Goal
      3. Manage Milestone Updates with a Three-Step Process
      4. Use Milestone Management at the Board Level
      5. Milestones: Summary and Implications
    3. CHAPTER 11: Overinvest in Early Wins to Build Team Confidence by Day 60
    4. CHAPTER 12: Secure ADEPT People in the Right Roles and Deal with Inevitable Resistance by Day 70
    5. CHAPTER 13: Evolve People, Plans , and Practices to Capitalize on Changing Circumstances
      1. Capitalizing on Inevitable Changes
      2. Adjust to the Inevitable Surprises
      3. Major but Temporary Surprises
      4. Major and Enduring
      5. Don't Forget Your Communication Efforts
    1. APPENDIX I: Deploy Six Basic Elements of Leadership
    2. APPENDIX II: Complete a Situation Assessment to Inform Your Plan
      1. Customers
      2. Collaborators
      3. Capabilities
      4. Competitors
      5. Conditions
      6. SWOT
    3. APPENDIX III: Leverage These 15 Secrets to Become a Great Communicator
      1. Words Are Only a Small Part of the Game
      2. Context or Frame
      3. Timing
      4. Style
      5. Body Language (Especially Eye Contact)
      6. Actions
      7. Inaction and Silence
      8. Rhythm and Repetition
      9. Visuals
      10. Less Is More
      11. Once Is Never Enough
      12. Test for Reception, Understanding, Agreement, Enthusiasm
      13. Emotion Communicates
      14. Framers Win
      15. Sincerity and Passion Conquer All
    4. APPENDIX IV: Bring More Discipline to Your Strategic Planning Process
      1. Mission
      2. Vision
      3. Values
      4. Objectives
      5. Goals
      6. Strategies
      7. The Six-Step Strategic Planning Process
      8. Set the Aspirational Destination
      9. Assess the Facts of the Current Reality and Develop Future Scenarios
      10. Identify Options to Bridge Gaps between Reality and Aspiration
      11. Evaluate Options under Different Scenarios
      12. Develop Detailed Business Plans
      13. Act, Measure, Adjust, and Repeat
      14. Strategic Planning Summary
    5. APPENDIX V: Manage People and Practices with Standardized Processes that Are Public and Visual
    6. APPENDIX VI: Leading When You Were Promoted from Within or Internally Transferred
    7. APPENDIX VII: Leading a Department/Team Merger, Reorganization, or Restart
    8. APPENDIX VIII: The International Manager
      1. International Moves
      2. Get a Head Start—With the Move
      3. Get a Head Start—With the Job
      4. Manage Your Message
      5. Build the Team
    9. APPENDIX IX: Leading through a Crisis
    10. APPENDIX X: Onboarding
      1. Follow-Through
    11. APPENDIX XI: Sample 100-Day Plans
  15. INDEX

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  • Title: The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan: How to Take Charge, Build Your Team, and Get Immediate Results, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): George B. Bradt, Jayme A. Check, Jorge E. Pedraza
  • Release date: October 2011
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118097540