Appendix B

OPPM and the PMBOK

More than 400,000 professional project managers know that PMBOK is the acronym for A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. The PMBOK originated as a white paper in 1987, with a first edition book published in 1996 and the forthcoming fifth edition scheduled for publication in 2013. The Project Management Institute (PMI) describes the PMBOK as the “recognized standard for the project management profession.” PMI further states that it: “Provides guidelines for managing individual projects. It defines project management and related concepts and describes the project management life cycle and the related processes.”

That being said, still many practicing project managers and readers of the OPPM books are not familiar with the PMBOK.

With this appendix, we desire to provide readers of all experience levels a “seriously simple” visual display of the PMBOK. We will also drill down on Communication Management, showing how the OPPM comfortably aligns with PMBOK processes and knowledge areas while accelerating communication effectiveness.

A comprehensive interrelated framework supported by the concept of “processes” undergirds PMI's view of projects and project management. Processes are a cluster of interconnected activities performed to deliver a planned result. The planned results are the outputs that a process generates by applying various tools and techniques to a collection of inputs. The inputs-tools-and-techniques-and-outputs process model ...

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