Accounts receivable reduction project:

tasks, aligning with sub-objectives

ADC (Award Distribution Center) project. See Award Distribution Center (ADC) project

Agile, defined

Agile Alliance

Agile Manifesto:

agile principles
values relating to agile methodology, statement of

Agile OPPM construction steps:

final product
step 1: header
step 2: development team
step 3: matrix
step 4: feature sets
step 5: releases and sprints
step 6: aligning sprints with feature sets
step 7: sprint dates and time boxes
step 8: schedule
step 9: reporting steps
step 10: risks, qualitatives, and other metrics
step 11: overall status
step 12: summary and forecast

Agile OPPM reporting steps:

step 1: current time
step 2: sprint completion
step 3: sprint status report
step 4: risks, qualitatives, and other metrics
step 5: velocity and burndown chart
step 6: overall status
step 7: summary and forecast

Agile OPPM template

Agile project management. See also Agile OPPM construction steps; Agile OPPM reporting steps; Scrum

burndown charts
client satisfaction
delivery, frequent
development of
development team
feature sets
organization websites
product owner
projects not suited for
project status
resources, fixed
risk mitigation
Scrum Master
team velocity
time boxes, fixed
traditional project management, differences from
traditional project management, similarities with
traditional project management versus
visual for

Agile Project ...

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