Chapter 8. Staying Connected to the World

I think 65 is a phony age. I don't see why we should be losing the productivity of people at a certain age. There is very little reason why there should be an artificial age limitation at all.

Elinor Guggenheimer, author

If Jack McKeon can win a World Series at age 72, I've got to believe I've still got a few wins left in me.

68-year-old retiree

The modern retiree has no patience with stereotypes about aging and is establishing new cornerstones for a redefined retirement living. In the process of doing so, according to the Hart study, "Americans aged 50 to 75 speak with a loud and harmonious voice in describing their approach to retirement and later life and, in doing so, they are laying to rest many traditional clichés." The new definition of retirement overwhelmingly advocated by today's retiree is one that emphasizes activity and engagement over leisure and rest. About 70 percent of those aged 50 to 75 (both retired and not yet retired) who were surveyed said they view retirement as "a time to begin a new chapter in life by being active and involved, starting new activities, and setting new goals." It is a time to break out of the cocoon, not go into one. Only 28 percent of those in this age group preferred the definition offered by traditional retirement as "a time to take it easy, take care of yourself, enjoy leisure activities, and take a much deserved rest from work and responsibilities."

It is important to note the diversity of the ...

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