Chapter 21. Make It Happen

Thanks for hanging in there with me and for reading this far! When I run seminars on the New Rules of Marketing and PR, this is the point at which many people are stimulated to get out there and make it happen. They want to start a blog right away or generate some news releases or begin buyer persona research in preparation for writing a marketing and PR plan that will guide them to create a content-rich Web site. If that describes you, great!

But in the audiences of my seminars and speeches there is always another group of people who tend to feel a bit overwhelmed. There is just too much information, they say, or too many new and unfamiliar ideas. If you are in this category, you might be thinking that the people profiled in the book were able to figure out things that are just too complex and time-consuming for you to tackle, especially given your already hectic schedule. Hey, we all have stuff on our plates, and for most of us, implementing the ideas in the book will represent an addition to our workload. But here's one of the greatest things about the New Rules of Marketing and PR: You can implement these ideas in bits and pieces! In fact, I don't expect anybody to implement all the ideas here. I don't do that many of them myself (okay, I admitted it—don't tell). Yes, I have a blog, and it is very important to me. But I don't have a podcast, and I'm not on MySpace or LinkedIn. I just do what I can and what works for me. And so should you.

Unlike a linear, ...

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