Chapter 19

How to Use News Releases to Reach Buyers Directly

As the fascinating case studies from Chapter 7 show, the web has changed the rules for news releases. Buyers now read your news releases on Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines, on vertical market portals, and with RSS readers. Thus, smart marketing and PR professionals craft news releases to reach buyers directly, propelling books to number-one spots on best-seller lists, driving more web traffic, securing more donations, and selling more products. Again, this is not to suggest that mainstream media and media relations programs are no longer important. In most markets, mainstream media and the trade press remain vital. But your primary audience is no longer just a handful of journalists. Your audience is millions of people with Internet connections and access to search engines and RSS readers. So how do you get started with a direct-to-buyer news release program? Let's start by recalling the new rules of news releases from Chapter 7:

  • Don't just send news releases when big news is happening; find good reasons to send them all the time.
  • Instead of just targeting a handful of journalists, create news releases that appeal directly to your buyers.
  • Write releases that are replete with keyword-rich copy.
  • Include offers that compel consumers to respond to your release in some way.
  • Place links in releases to deliver potential customers to landing pages on your website or to other valuable information published by your organization, ...

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