10Your Social Company

You've read in these pages how organizations communicate with customers to drive agile sales responses and implement real-time customer service. In this chapter we will explore how companies can integrate social communications tools into their business and their employees' daily work. At smaller organizations or newly founded start-ups, designing and instituting the new system happens fairly smoothly. They avoid the problems associated with entrenched processes, systems, and the established corporate mind-sets that hinder older and larger organizations. If you're starting with the new rules of sales and service, your business will operate far more easily if you can avoid dealing with “we don't do it that way” baggage.

But what if you're inside a large, established, successful organization with existing strategies and tactics? How do you build agile social selling and customer communications into your business?

Building the Social Selling Process into a Large Organization

Matt Petitjean is vice president of marketing at ADP, Inc., a large provider of business processing, payroll systems, and cloud-based solutions to employers around the world. Besides marketing, Petitjean is also responsible for social selling at ADP. “My charter is enabling the sales force with social tools and techniques,” he says. “We have a big funnel to generate sales leads, and no matter where you interact with the prospect—a trade show, a brand advertisement, a web search, or social ...

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