Chapter 1. The New Way to Hire

Every business wants to hire the best people and to create successful teams. We all aim to attract job candidates with the appropriate technical skills, relevant experience or education, and attitude. As job-seekers, we want to find rewarding positions that use our knowledge, pay us fairly, and make us feel valued.

That’s been true for as long as newspapers have had a help wanted section. But in a digital era, the traditional interviewing and staffing processes have serious weaknesses. Well-meaning HR departments cannot keep up with the deluge of applicants, those candidates have a difficult time getting noticed, and job interviews are less an actual assessment of technical ability than game-show contests.

As a result, companies are thinking differently about how to hire. In a genuine desire to match open positions with stellar candidates, tech firms and experienced recruiters are trying new techniques and inventing computing solutions.

“The recruiting industry is ripe for disruption, as it must address the ever-changing global economy and related needs for a talented workforce,” says Kristen Hamilton, CEO and cofounder of Koru. “Raw smarts and technical skills aren’t enough to succeed in business.”

Companies are becoming increasingly savvy in how they recruit, assess, and retain high-performing talent. The effort to improve the hiring process takes advantage of plenty of new technologies, from big data to artificial intelligence (AI) to scientifically ...

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