Chapter 3. Playing Back Images


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One of the great advantages of a digital camera is the ability to see your images right away. While the compositional advantage of instant review is obvious, you can also perform many types of analysis using your camera’s LCD screen. However, it’s important to understand what the screen does and does not tell you about your shots. In this chapter, you’ll look at all of the Nikon D90’s playback features and learn how they can help you take better pictures and help improve your chances of getting the shots you need.

Image Review

By default, any time you take a picture with the D90, it automatically shows the image on the camera’s LCD screen for two seconds, which is usually enough time to tell whether you’ve composed it properly.

If you want to delete the image while it’s being shown during image review, follow these steps:

  • Press the Delete button, located to the left of the viewfinder.

  • The camera will ask you to confirm the delete. Press the Delete button again to delete the image or the Playback button to save the image.

You can easily turn image review off; follow these steps:

  1. Press the Menu button.

  2. Navigate to the Playback menu (if it’s not already active).

  3. Select Image Review.

  4. Press OK.

  5. Select On or Off, and press ...

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