Chapter 12. Customizing the D90


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By this point, you should be very comfortable with the D90’s interface and have a good idea of how to set and adjust a huge number of parameters. Nevertheless, everyone has different needs and different ways of thinking, so the D90 allows you to customize many of its features. And, of course, you can further refine the D90 as a photographic tool by adding different lenses. In this chapter, we’ll look at a number of ways to customize and tweak your camera.

My Menu and Recent Settings

The D90 has dozens of features spread across its menus, but you’ll probably regularly use only a few of them, and it can be a hassle to navigate to the exact feature you want. For this reason, the D90 provides a single customizable menu, called My Menu, that you can populate with only the commands you want. Depending on how many you use, you might be able to create a single My Menu page that contains all the functions you need.

The D90 also provides a Recent Settings menu that includes the 20 most-recently chosen settings. The Recent Settings tab sits below the Retouch tab.

The Recent Settings menu shows the last 20 items that you’ve used.

Figure 12-1. The Recent Settings menu shows the last 20 items that you’ve used.

If you use only a few settings, they’ll probably all end up on the ...

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