Chapter 30. It's All Good

It's All Good

"All good!" he cheered. "It's always good!"

"Wonderful!" she said, as she thought of Joyce and the phone call she received a month ago about her test results. She could still hear Joyce's words in her head, "The news is all good. Everything is good. The blood work came back good."

She shook her head as she thought about the most difficult year of her life. If someone had told her 10 months ago that right now she would be one of the most respected people at EZ Tech; that her teenagers would be thriving, especially Lauren; that she would be training for a marathon; and that her future was brighter than ever, she would have laughed out loud. And yet here she was, enjoying work and life more than ever. She and EZ Tech were back and at the top of their game.

As Hope walked toward her car, she thought of all the bad she had experienced, and it occurred to her that both good experiences and bad experiences lead to good. She noticed it all the time with friends, family, and in the biographies of her greatest heroes, and now she saw it in her own life. She realized that out of tragedy and heartbreak, she found her spirit. Out of struggle she found the courage and faith to move on. And in the face of her own challenges, she found the strength and compassion to make a difference and help save her company. Her husband leaving her surely rocked her world, but it gave her ...

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