About Your Nook section on NOOK, 175



Home Screen (NOOK), 181-182

Home screen (NOOK Color), 35-36

Library (NOOK), 182-186

Library (NOOK Color), 36-48

My Files (NOOK), 187

My NOOK Library, 277

Account button (email), 109-110


audio files to NOOK Color, 89

ebook covers in Calibre, 271-272

ebooks to Calibre library, 268

files to NOOK Study, 252

friends in NOOK Friends, 204


in NOOK, 198

in NOOK Apps, 227-228

in NOOK Color, 82-83

in NOOK for iPad app, 237-238

in NOOK for Kids iPad app, 262

in NOOK for PC app, 216

in NOOK Study, 248-250

ADE (Adobe Digital Editions), 287

sideloading, 293

ADE PDFs (Adobe Digital Editions PDFs), 67



in NOOK Apps, 226-227

in NOOK for iPad app, 236-237

fonts ...

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