Appendix A. Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

This appendix provides brief summaries of key points.

Tips for Making More Time

Time is the most healing thing you can give yourself today.

  • Give yourself one extra minute, or drop one last-minute chore, before starting your day. Take a 10-minute walk before collapsing in front of the TV or computer.

  • When starting your car, take three deep breaths (about 15 seconds total) to think about where you're going and to ensure that no one is behind you before put your car in gear.

  • Honor transitions between projects, calls, and customers with 6 to 12 deep breaths (30 to 60 seconds) as you let go of the last task and before you start on a new activity.

  • Honor the Sabbath or Shabbat by having nothing scheduled and no to do list for at least 4 to 24 hours every weekend.

  • Plan a 2-hour lunch with friends or colleagues every week or two.

  • Give yourself an extra 30 minutes at the gym to stretch.

  • Shut the television off early, and give yourself an hour to think about what went well today.

  • Cut one "I have to" from today's to do list. In fact, why not cut "have to" from your vocabulary?

  • Focus on just one thing for at least 15 minutes without interruption.

  • Eliminate one stop in your mad dash to accomplish all your chores all at once.

  • Look up. Notice the sky the clouds, and the trees. Let your attention include something in this world that is larger and more real than your worries, fears, and pains.

Time Management and the Art of Balance

  1. Do the right work. Decide what ...

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