Wow, This Indoor Light Sucks

“And there are pink walls . . .”


  • Camera + Trigger
  • Lens of any focal length
  • Off-camera flash
  • Large light modifier (shoot-through umbrella, 3x4 softbox, 5' octa)
  • Light stand (optional)
  • Reflector (optional)


Have you ever walked into a shoot, or the morning preparations for a wedding, and been smacked in the face with the ugliest peachy-pink walls you’ve ever encountered? Yeah. Me too. You can’t use natural light, because ew. You can’t bounce flash because you’ll be bouncing the color of grandma’s peach cobbler back at them. Double ew. What to you do?

Think of this process as remodeling the room with light. You hate everything that’s there, so you’re going to erase it and add your ...

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