Chapter 8

The Wireless BBC micro:bit

In this chapter

check A look at the capabilities of the BBC micro:bit’s built-in radio

check Sending messages from one BBC micro:bit to another via the radio

check Sending messages from one BBC micro:bit to many other BBC micro:bits via the radio

check Using radio groups to separate BBC micro:bits, sending messages only to specific groups

ONE OF THE most powerful features of the BBC micro:bit is its built-in radio module. Built into its processor, a small black chip on the back of the board, the radio might not look like much, but it’s extremely powerful. Using the radio, you can link two BBC micro:bits for wire-free communication or even have groups of dozens of BBC micro:bits all sharing data.

Best of all, the BBC micro:bit comes with its radio ready to run straight out of the box. There’s no need to connect an external antenna, and the radio frequencies used are licensed for free use around the world. There’s nothing to stop you from making your next project a wireless one.

The BBC micro:bit Radio

The BBC micro:bit’s radio module is built into the processor, a small ...

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