Chapter 9

The BBC micro:bit and the Raspberry Pi

In this chapter

check An introduction to the Raspberry Pi educational microcomputer

check How to connect the BBC micro:bit to the Raspberry Pi and read from its internal sensors or add-on hardware

check How to use the BBC micro:bit as an external display device for the Raspberry Pi

check A practical example of Raspberry Pi-to-BBC micro:bit communication: a BBC micro:bit-powered Raspberry Pi CPU monitor

THE BBC MICRO:BIT is a powerful computing device in its own right, and there is no end of projects you can develop using only the BBC micro:bit and a few low-cost components. Pairing it up with the Raspberry Pi, however, opens a whole new world of potential for both the BBC micro:bit and the Raspberry Pi—and if you already have a Raspberry Pi and a BBC micro:bit, you don't need anything else to get started.

At its simplest, the Raspberry Pi can be used with the BBC micro:bit like any other computer. The BBC micro:bit appears as a removable drive, labelled MICROBIT, and you can write programs in the browser, download them, and drag them to the BBC micro:bit ...

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