Chapter 11

Extending the BBC micro:bit

In this chapter

check Extending the BBC micro:bit with breakout boards

check The BBC micro:bit and robotics: off-the-shelf solutions to building a BBC micro:bit-powered robot

check Other notable BBC micro:bit add-ons

THE BBC MICRO:BIT is a powerful device in its own right, but it really comes into its own when it’s paired with hardware that expands its capabilities. From simple breakout boards which provide easy access to the 20 small pins spaced along its edge connector to kits for building your own autonomous robots, this chapter introduces some of the accessories available for building more complex projects.

Extending via Breakout Boards

The large pins on the BBC micro:bit's edge connector are enough to build small projects, but eventually you'll find yourself needing more. A breakout board provides easy access to the smaller pins on the edge ...

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