Clark Campbell has done it again ... created another One-Page Project Manager (OPPM) winner! What would it be worth to you to insure that all of your Information Technology (IT) projects delivered their expected value? Clark describes a high-level methodology and tool to help you achieve this goal. Read on!

This book is specifically written for IT projects, which need all the help they can get because they generally have a poor track record of delivering expected value, as evinced by the following chart. The causes for these problems are twofold. First is IT effectiveness: the business and IT departments are seldom closely aligned and can judge project priorities quite differently. In other words, they are not operating as a singularly focused unit with effective governance. Second is IT efficiency: the IT organization is often inefficient and lacks agility in its development and deployment processes. When you put these two problems together, the results include a large percentage of IT projects that fail to deliver their expected results.

Even in companies that recognize the importance of IT, adequately fund IT, and actively seek to align IT with business goals, outcomes can be disappointing.

Source: Bain annual management survey (n = 359), Bain Management tools survey.


The OPPM for IT projects can help resolve these problems. In my experience, the OPPM for IT helps in three ...

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