The Online Learning Idea Book, Volume Two: Proven Ways to Enhance Technology-Based and Blended Learning

Book description

Many books recommend teaching and learning strategies based on current learning research and theory. However, few books offer illustrative examples of how to take these strategies and put them into action in the real world. The Online Learning Idea Book is filled with concrete examples of people who make learning more inspiring and engaging every day, in all kinds of settings, all over the world.

In this second volume of The Online Learning Idea Book you will find brand new and valuable ideas that you can adopt or adapt in your own instructional materials, to make them more dynamic and more worthwhile for learners and learning. These ideas will let you peek over the shoulders of some of the world's most creative instructors, instructional designers and developers, trainers, media developers, and others in order to help spark creative ideas of your own.

This hands-on resource will help you build online instructional materials or improve existing materials including online courses, modules, activities, or supplementary materials for classroom-based courses.

This book provides great tips, techniques, and tricks in the following areas: The Design and Development Process, Supporting Learning, Synchronous and Interpersonal Activities, Asynchronous and Self-Paced Activities, and NS Better Media.

Within these pages you will discover creative ways to give your online and blended instruction a boost by adopting and adapting great ideas from others.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. List of Figures and Exhibits
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Preface
  8. Introduction
  9. Chapter 1: Ideas for the Design and Development Process
    1. Aligning Objectives
    2. From Topics to Tasks
    3. Online? Yes, No, Maybe So
    4. Idea Title: Complexity Analysis
    5. Frustration Reduction Checklist
    6. Better Collaboration with Your Subject-Matter Expert
    7. Multiple-Choice Question Checklist
    8. Story-Based Learning v2
  10. Chapter 2: Ideas for Supporting Learners and Learning
    1. Survival Skills
    2. Rules of Engagement
    3. Team Review Form
    4. Motivation Matters
    5. Virtual Campus
    6. Read Me First!
    7. Pre-Work Verification
    8. Accountability Check-In
    9. My Personal Learning Network
    10. Reading Guide
    11. Combating the Free-Rider
    12. Learning Log
    13. Project Grading Checklist
    14. Life Web
    15. Reminder Tips
    16. Celebrate
    17. Installment Plan
  11. Chapter 3: Ideas for Synchronous and Social Learning
    1. Open House
    2. Roll Call
    3. Reenergizing Lectures with Insert-Learner-Activity-Here Strategies
    4. Group Formation
    5. Better Connections with Online Learners
    6. Comments, Please
    7. Easy Collaborative Documents
    8. Virtual Job Interviews
    9. Who Are You? Alternative Online Meet-and-Greet Tactics
    10. Making Connections
    11. Alternative Structures for Online Discussions
    12. “Rad” Libs
    13. Nonverbal Cues
    14. Online Classroom Clickers
    15. Online vs. On-Campus Competition
    16. Polling for Engagement
    17. Back in the Day, Facebook Style
    18. Side by Side
    19. Turn Up the Music
    20. YouTube YouTalk
    21. Wiki Review
    22. Word Me
  12. Chapter 4: Ideas for Self-Paced Learning
    1. Branched Scenarios with Three Cs and Placeholder Content
    2. Talking Head Video, CNN-Style
    3. Bad Advice?
    4. Point It Out
    5. Simulate It
    6. Who’s Who
    7. Got a Clue?
    8. Reduce OnScreen Text
    9. My Own Path
  13. Chapter 5: Ideas for Media and Authoring
    1. Lose the Worn-Out Images, Up the Creativity
    2. Pecha Kucha for Learning
    3. Find the Right PowerPoint Clip Art
    4. PowerPoint Clip Art Surgery
    5. PowerPoint Graphics Library
    6. Show to Tell
    7. First-Person Point of View
    8. Create a Television in PowerPoint
    9. Easy Video
    10. VoiceThread Virtuosity
    11. Cheap Stock Photos
    12. Silhouette Characters
    13. Create Polaroid-Like Images
    14. Word Clouds
    15. EZ Forms
    16. Recording Better Audio
    17. Easy Mobile Learning Content: PowerPoint to MP4
    18. Rollover Slidelets for Nonrectangular Rollover Areas in Captivate 5
    19. Easier Multi-Language Captivate 5 Application Simulations—Captions
    20. Easier Multi-Language Captivate 5 Simulations—Narration
    21. Easier Reformatting of Captivate 5 Captions
    22. Creating a Slide Replay Button in Captivate 5
    23. Using System Variables in Captivate 5
    24. Adding a Non-Articulate Flash File as a Tab in Articulate Presenter
    25. Linking from Engage to Specific Presenter Slides
    26. Adding PDFs to Articulate Presenter Projects
    27. Embed Articulate Quizmaker Quizzes (or Articulate Engage Interactions) into Adobe Presenter Presentations
  14. Glossary
  15. About the Editor

Product information

  • Title: The Online Learning Idea Book, Volume Two: Proven Ways to Enhance Technology-Based and Blended Learning
  • Author(s): Patti Shank
  • Release date: September 2011
  • Publisher(s): Pfeiffer
  • ISBN: 9780787981686