The OpenBSD 4.1 Crash Course

Jem Matzan

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Beijing • Cambridge • Farnham • Köln • Sebastopol • Tokyo

July 3, 2007


Welcome to “The OpenBSD Crash Course” Short Cut. This guide is designed to help you get an x86 or AMD64/EM64T server, desktop, or network appliance up and running quickly with the OpenBSD operating system. You’ll learn how to install or upgrade OpenBSD on x86 and AMD64 machines, how to configure it for server or workstation use, and how to properly maintain it until the next release.

Learn OpenBSD Quickly

OpenBSD has some of the industry’s finest integrated documentation, but it can take a long time to figure out which packages you need to install in order to get certain services running, and how to configure them once installed. If you are totally new to Unix-like operating environments, this guide could be a little over your head in some places, but if you read it from start to finish and stick with it when things get difficult, you’ll end up with a functional and useful operating system and a decent understanding of how you can use it. If you already have some experience with any Unix-like operating system, you’ll probably feel right at home with OpenBSD and may want to skip ahead to the sections that apply to you.

While there are some suggestions and system administration tips sprinkled throughout “The OpenBSD Crash Course,” it is ...

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