The Operations Management Complete Toolbox (Collection)

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For operations managers, running a smooth and efficient organization is more crucial than ever -- and it's more difficult, too. Fortunately, there's a secret to success: a proven approach and toolset that can help operations managers free up resources, eliminate unnecessary meetings, and get more done faster. The approach is named "The Power of Completion," and the tools have been honed by expert project managers through decades of experience. In The Operations Manager's Toolbox, operations manager and PMP-certified project manager Randal Wilson shows how to apply the Project Management (PM) discipline to completing the crucial "smaller" tasks that can help the organization quickly drive substantial improvements in efficiency and performance.


The Encyclopedia of Operations Management is the perfect "field manual" for every supply chain or operations management practitioner and student. The field's only single-volume reference, it's uniquely convenient and uniquely affordable. With nearly 1,500 well-organized definitions, it can help students quickly map all areas of operations and supply chain management, and prepare for case discussions, exams, and job interviews. For instructors, it serves as an invaluable desk reference and teaching aid that goes far beyond typical dictionaries. For working managers, it offers a shared language, with insights for improving any process and supporting any training program.


It thoroughly covers: accounting, customer service, distribution, e-business, economics, finance, forecasting, human resources, industrial engineering, industrial relations, inventory management, healthcare management, Lean Sigma/Six Sigma, lean thinking, logistics, maintenance engineering, management information systems, marketing/sales, new product development, operations research, organizational behavior/management, personal time management, production planning and control, purchasing, reliability engineering, quality management, service management, simulation, statistics, strategic management, systems engineering, supply and supply chain management, theory of constraints, transportation, and warehousing. Multiple figures, graphs, equations, Excel formulas, VBA scripts, and references support both learning and application.

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. The Operations Manager’s Toolbox: Using the Best Project Management Techniques to Improve Processes and Maximize Efficiency
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Dedication Page
    3. About the Author
    4. Preface
    5. Introduction
      1. Realities of Managing
      2. Project Management Tools for Operations Management
      3. Is This for Me?
    6. 1. The Power of Completion
      1. How Do You Gain Power from Completion?
      2. Believing in the Task or Project
      3. Proper Assessment of a Task or Project
      4. Managing a Task or Project
      5. Accountability in Completing a Task or Project
      6. Take the Blinders Off
      7. Time Is of the Essence
      8. Organizing a Task or Project
      9. Should a Task Become an Official Project?
      10. Operations Manager or Project Manager—Who Are You?
      11. Managing Processes Versus Reporting on Progress
      12. Power Tools for the Manager
      13. Power Tool Summary
    7. 2. Communication Is King
      1. Why Communication?
      2. The Communication Path
      3. Communication Applications
      4. Communicating in Meetings
      5. Communication Management Plan
      6. Power Tool Summary
    8. 3. Fix the Processes
      1. What Is a Process?
      2. Why Look at the Processes?
      3. Process Development
      4. Documentation
      5. Staffing a Process
      6. Training Staff for Processes
      7. Monitoring and Measuring a Process
      8. Changing the Process
      9. Is There a Better Way?
      10. Power Tool Summary
    9. 4. Waste Management
      1. What Is Waste in an Organization?
      2. Process Organization
      3. Waste or Manufacturing Cost Reductions?
      4. Waste in Procurement
      5. Waste in Shipping and Receiving
      6. Waste in Facilities
      7. Waste in Managerial Decision Making
      8. Waste in Meetings and Decision Processing
      9. Sustainable Change
      10. Power Tool Summary
    10. 5. Managing Your Resources
      1. Knowing your Resources
      2. Human Resources
      3. Managing Versus Leading
      4. Allocation of Resources
      5. New Managers
      6. Capital Equipment
      7. Facilities
      8. Equipment
      9. Power Tools Summary
    11. 6. Budget Control
      1. Establishing a Budget
      2. Scope of the Budget
      3. Controlling a Budget
      4. Contracts
      5. Conclusion
      6. Power Tool Summary
    12. 7. Don’t Be Afraid of Risks
      1. Risk in Today’s Operations
      2. Risk Versus Uncertainty
      3. Risk Management Planning
      4. Learn from Your Experiences
      5. Power Tool Summary
    13. 8. Synergy in Management
      1. Managerial Behavior
      2. Managerial Diversity
      3. Managerial Relationships
      4. Communication System
      5. Needs of the Manager
      6. Power Tool Summary
    14. 9. Tamper-Proof Training
      1. Training Is a Process
      2. Training Plan
      3. Power Tool Summary
    15. 10. The Weakest Link
      1. Procurements
      2. Supplier Relationships
      3. Suppliers
      4. Inventory Control
      5. Power Tool Summary
    16. 11. Organizing for Efficiency
      1. At What Level Should Organizing Be Done?
      2. Design It In
      3. Cost Benefit
      4. Power Tool Summary
    17. 12. Managing Change
      1. Why Change Anything?
      2. Problems with Change
      3. Types of Change
      4. Documentation Changes
      5. Change as a Process
      6. Power Tool Summary
    18. Bibliography
    19. Index
    20. FT Press
  6. The Encyclopedia of Operations Management: A Field Manual and Glossary of Operations Management Terms and Concepts
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Preface
    3. How Readers Can Use this Encyclopedia
    4. How Instructors Can Use this Encyclopedia
    5. About the Author
    6. Quotes From Executives
    7. Quotes From Professors and Students
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. Essential Supply Chain and Operations Terms
    10. New Entries in this Edition
    11. 0-9
    12. A
    13. B
    14. C
    15. D
    16. E
    17. F
    18. G
    19. H
    20. I
    21. J
    22. K
    23. L
    24. M
    25. N
    26. O
    27. P
    28. Q
    29. R
    30. S
    31. T
    32. U
    33. V
    34. W
    35. X
    36. Y
    37. Z
    38. Useful Links
      1. General References
      2. Cited References
    39. FT Press

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  • Title: The Operations Management Complete Toolbox (Collection)
  • Author(s): Randal Wilson, Arthur V. Hill
  • Release date: August 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780133742701