14.7. The Exercises

The following is a detailed description of selected exercises.

14.7.1. Exercise 1: Collective Resume

The purpose was to enable participants to gain familiarity with one another on both a professional and personal level by building a group "resume" describing their education, talents, and project work. The exercise takes about 30 minutes to complete.


  • Large sheets of butcher paper or a "magic board" (a large sheet of rip-stop fabric sprayed with adhesive so that pieces of paper stick to it)

  • Slips of colored paper (approximately 4.25" × 5.5", or an 8.5 × 11" sheet cut the long way)

  • Masking tape, to adhere slips of paper if large sheets of butcher paper are used

  • Flip chart and markers for the facilitator

Facilitator ...

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