The Part-Time Trader: Trading Stock as a Part-Time Venture, + Website

Book description

Practical advice and easy-to-follow guidelines for part-time stock traders

Millions of people trade stocks in their spare time, supplementing their nine-to-five income with extra profits on the market. And while there are plenty of books on the market that cater to the needs of full-time traders, there are precious few that focus on the trading strategies that are best suited for part-time traders who must balance the demands of other responsibilities while successfully navigating a changing and dynamic stock market.

This handy guide equips part-time traders with all the necessary tools for successful trading—including guidance on pre-market/pre-work studies and how to make profitable trades without interfering with one's day job. The Part-Time Trader focuses entirely on those trading strategies best suited for part-timers, making trading both simpler and more profitable.

  • One of the few books on trading intended and designed specifically for part-time traders with other jobs or responsibilities

  • Includes online access to the author's proprietary trading system that offers easy-to-follow guidelines for traders who can't spend all day watching the markets

  • Written by the co-founder of SharePlanner Inc., a popular financial website devoted to day-trading, swing-trading (both long and short), and exchange-traded funds

For part-time traders who can't dedicate all their time to watching the markets and reading charts, The Part-Time Trader offers straightforward, profitable trading advice.

Note: The ebook version does not provide access to the companion files.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Series
  4. Title Page
  5. Copyright
  6. Dedication
  7. Acknowledgments
    1. Introduction
    2. Time for Boldness
    3. Move On
  8. Part I: The Basics of Part-Time Trading
    1. Chapter 1: So How Much Do You Really Hate Your Job?
      1. Becoming Determined to Find a Way Out
      2. I Loved Trading but Hated My Job—Something Had to Give
      3. Realize You Still Need Your Job
    2. Chapter 2: How Did I Become a Full-Time Trader?
      1. My Trading Foundation
      2. My Experience with Trading at Work
      3. Don't Obsess Over Profits
    3. Chapter 3: Where Wall Street Meets the Office
      1. Work Ambivalence
      2. Decide How Successful You Want to Be at Your Job
      3. Seeking Out Increased Responsibility versus Effective Trading
    4. Chapter 4: Don't Quit Your Day Job ... SERIOUSLY!
      1. Just Like the “Real World”
      2. Avoid Goals That Give You a False Sense of Hope
      3. Jeopardize Your Trade Before You Jeopardize Your Job
    5. Chapter 5: The Essentials to Your “Workplace Trading Desk”
      1. Environmental Trading
      2. Working with the Computer that You Are Given
      3. Using Your Smartphones and Tablets as Trading Tools
  9. Part II: The Game Plan
    1. Chapter 6: Before You Clock In
      1. Your Research Must Be Done
      2. Being Concise and Actionable with Your Research
      3. Your Strategy for the Day Should Be Tailored around Your Workload
    2. Chapter 7: Your Best Friend Is the Person Who Works in IT
      1. Know How Your IT Department Works
      2. Ideally, Get to Know Someone from That Department
      3. Understanding Their Policies and Designing Your Trading Around Them
      4. Some Final Thoughts
    3. Chapter 8: Flying Below the Radar
      1. Do Not Become a Distraction
      2. Do Not Be a Clicker
      3. Avoid Telling Anyone that You Are a Trader
      4. Keep Things Business as Usual
      5. Funny Stories with a Serious Undertone
    4. Chapter 9: Adding a Passive Income to Your Day Job
      1. It's a Supplement—Not the Main Source
      2. Become Systematic in Your Trading
      3. Being Cognizant of Risk and Reward
      4. Aim Small, Miss Small
      5. Hit Singles and Doubles—Not Home Runs
    5. Chapter 10: The Best Way to Trade at Work
      1. Always Use Stop-Losses
      2. Use Position Sizes that Won't Be Distracting to You
      3. The SharePlanner Investment System
      4. Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan
      5. The 90/10 Rule
      6. The Door and Its Hinges
  10. Part III: Becoming the Part-Time Trader
    1. Chapter 11: Trading Habits You Will Want to Avoid
      1. Stay Away from Trades that Force You to Dip into Margin
      2. An Emotional Spasm
      3. Do Not Do It for the Money
      4. Winning Trades Turning into Losers—The Ultimate Performance Killer
      5. Avoid Trading Heavily in Penny Stocks
    2. Chapter 12: You Still Have to Get Your Real Work Done
      1. Emotions on the Job
      2. Planning Around Meetings
      3. Blocking Out Time
      4. Sneaking Out of Meetings
      5. How to Trade When Traveling
      6. Adding New Positions Prior to Travel
      7. Using the Travel Time
      8. Using Your Workload to Your Trading Benefit
    3. Chapter 13: What to Say and Do if Trading Becomes a Distraction
      1. What You Must Avoid at All Costs
      2. How to Deal with Those Who Are Far Too Curious
      3. Getting Coworkers Off Your Scent
      4. Could Have Been Worse
      5. When Boss-Man Comes A-knockin'
    4. Chapter 14: More of My Personal Tricks of the Trade
      1. Image and Performance
      2. Learning to Do Two Things at Once
      3. Network Tricks
      4. Scaling In and Out of Positions
      5. Don't Be Too Social
      6. Spread the Papers
      7. It Is a Tricky Way of Life
    5. Chapter 15: Take This Job and Shove It
      1. How Did I Know It Was Time?
      2. When I Finally Left
      3. Life without Work Benefits
      4. Why Did I Do It?
      5. How You Can Know if It Is Time to Leave Your 9-to-5
      6. Exactly What Are We Talking About?
      7. Turning It On
  11. About the Author
  12. About the Companion Website
  13. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Part-Time Trader: Trading Stock as a Part-Time Venture, + Website
  • Author(s): Ryan Mallory
  • Release date: October 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118650059