Adding a Passive Income to Your Day Job

When you are a part-time trader, by its very definition, it means that you have a better source of income available than what you are reaping from the markets. If that was not the case, then you would more than likely opt to be a full-time trader. When I left my job, it was because the opportunity that existed as an employee paled in comparison to the benefits of transitioning into a full-time trader. But up until that very moment I quit my job, the benefits suggested that I should remain with my current employer. Trust me, if I could have left one minute earlier, I would have.

It's a Supplement—Not the Main Source

The benefit of becoming a successful part-time trader is that you still get to do that and your day-job. If you are one of the few who actually enjoy their job environment, and long-term your employer is fine with your trading, then you have a scenario to be extremely envious of. Not only do you have your job that you really like, which makes me assume that they are paying you well, too, but you also get to supplant that paycheck with your trading activities. In essence, you can make a very nice and comfortable life for yourself.

Combining the Day Job with Part-Time Trading

For most of us, though, our trading and desire to ultimately become that full-time trader, far outweigh the long-term benefits of our Monday-through-Friday job. As a result it is easy to lose sight of the difference between the supplement income ...

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