We won't lie. This was a hard book to write.

You see, at Brains on Fire, we believe that we owe it to our courageous customers to spend most of our time and efforts finding and sharing their passion conversation and growing their tribes. As people who practice word of mouth marketing, just finding time to write this book was a really, really big deal.

We burned some serious late-night oil.

But it was worth it because we learned so much along the way. And we grew even closer to our customers. We had someone ask us the other day, “Aren't you afraid you're giving away your secrets?” We smiled and said, “Nope.” See, we don't believe there are any marketing secrets. We've learned that sharing and connecting with other like-minded people in the world is what's magical these days. By sharing knowledge with others, we've learned good things will happen.

Our first book, Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements (yes, Brains on Fire is the name of our company and our first book) was a really remarkable ride. It connected us with some super-cool people. Some of those people have become our friends and kindred spirits. Some of them knocked on our door and joined our tribe. Some we're honored to call our customers and advocates. You'll get to meet a lot of them in the following pages.

Consider this book a continuation of the lessons we shared in our first ...

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