We know what you're probably thinking: The last thing the world needs is another business book.

Don't worry. This is not a business book. This is a love story.

It might sound strange, but hear us out. The Passion Conversation is a story about being famous for the people who love you, for the way you love them.

We're going to share some remarkable love stories.

In the three years since our first book, Brains on Fire, was published we've done a lot of thinking about love and how it relates to business and to word of mouth marketing. We've also given a lot of thought to the word passion, which we actually mention 67 times in our last book. (Sixty-seven times? Yup. John Moore, the self proclaimed “ticky-tacky detail geek” among us counted.)

Since that first book, we've wondered over and over again—at first to ourselves, then aloud to one another—is passion something that can be unearthed in someone? Can it be taught? Is it real? It is overused or misused? Did we misuse it one or more of those 67 times? Does it belong in business, or is it a word best saved for artists, romance novels, religious stories, or 20-year-old lovebirds who can't stand the thought of being apart?

We've asked ourselves over the years why the following lesson from our last book gets tweeted and repeated over and over and over again.

“It's not about the product conversation; it's about the passion conversation.” ...

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