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The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Online Fundraising

Book Description

This PayPal Press book offers practical fundraising money management ideas drawn directly from those with first-hand experiences and insights in the NPO field. Novices will learn step-by-step applications while established NPO officers will appreciate exclusive updates.  Readers in all areas of NPO engagement will refer to this latest PayPal Press book often--as a primer and a program. The result is that in applying more effective fundraising techniques and money management tools through this PayPal advice, readers will have more key time and energy to devote to their charity cause.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Acknowledgments
    1. Author’s Acknowledgments
    2. PayPal Press Acknowledgments
  5. Foreword
  6. Contents at a Glance
  7. Contents
  8. Introduction
  9. Part 1: Online Fundraising Basics
    1. 1. Why Online Fundraising?
      1. Online Fundraising Defined
      2. Who Do We Think You Are?
      3. Fundraising Facts
      4. Types of Online Fundraising
      5. Who’s Who in Online Fundraising
      6. The Online Fundraising Cycle
      7. Helping Hand
    2. 2. Think Outside the Envelope
      1. Clicking on the Rise
      2. Causes We Care About
      3. A Toolkit for Giving and Receiving
      4. Helping Hand
    3. 3. What Makes Donors Click
      1. Why People Give—Science Has Its Say
      2. Why People Give—the People Themselves Weigh In
      3. Givers Give in Many Ways
      4. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
      5. Helping Hand
    4. 4. A Wealth of Fundraising Options
      1. Getting to Know the Online Neighborhoods
      2. Success Begins at Home
      3. How to Show You’re on the Ball
      4. Online Fundraising Websites for Nonprofits and Donors
      5. Helping Hand
  10. Part 2: Online Fundraising Operations
    1. 5. Lay the Groundwork for Fundraising
      1. Are You Ready to Fundraise?
      2. Making the Move to Online Fundraising
      3. Planning an Online Fundraising Campaign
      4. You Have to “Ask”
      5. Understanding the “Ladder of Engagement”
      6. Helping Hand
    2. 6. Keep Your Legal House in Order
      1. Guidelines for Individuals
      2. Complete and Maintain Required Forms
      3. Satisfy the Feds, Too
      4. Ethical Conduct Builds Trust
      5. Helping Hand
  11. Part 3: Online Fundraising Media
    1. 7. Fundraising Beyond the Homepage
      1. Email: Versatile and Valuable
      2. Multiple Channels, Multiple Gifts
      3. Helping Hand
    2. 8. Going Mobile
      1. The Unstoppable Smartphone
      2. Consider Your Priorities
      3. Nice-to-Haves
      4. Helping Hand
    3. 9. Getting Social
      1. Social Media Goes Mainstream
      2. The Network Effect
      3. Social Media Heavyweights
      4. 10 Steps to Success
      5. Helping Hand
  12. Part 4: Fundraising with PayPal
    1. 10. How PayPal Works
      1. Why Use PayPal?
      2. PayPal and Nonprofits
      3. Managing Your Data
      4. Finding Out More
      5. Helping Hand
      6. Conclusion
  13. Appendix. Reader Resources
    1. Industry Associations
    2. Trade Shows and Conferences
    3. Blogs and Websites
    4. Books
    5. Research and Surveys
    6. Technical Tools
  14. Index