How Can I Thrive?

Life is not a rehearsal


One thing has amazed me more than anything else – the simplicity of the recipe for sustainable success, personal as well as professional. And let me give it to you straightaway: The secret behind sustained success is doing more of what you like doing, doing less of what you don't like doing and learning to trust yourself in the process.14

It is as simple as that, I am happy to say. I have seen it over and over again. And I know it from myself. However, what's not quite so simple is finding out what you like and don't like. It is also challenging to change your behavior so you start doing what you like and stop doing all the stuff that you don’t like doing. And that's what The Personal Business Plan is all about and will help you find out.

Together we will define your drivers and motivators, your derailers, and your career stallers and stoppers. We will paint a realistic picture allowing you to play to your strengths and damage control regarding your weaknesses. We are aiming at putting you in the perfect personal balance both between work, family, and home, and professionally between your interests, competencies, and possibilities. That is the state which I call “perfect equilibrium”. Through this process, you will also get to align your values, skills, and tasks; your energy will be endless. You will have reduced friction in your system and you will be able to perform effortlessly. In other terms, you will maximize your mojo. ...

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